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"bc she slays the gods when she flips that weave"

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India sisters and parents are not happy at all about the girls that did that shit Lolo had beef with india and tweeted "some people are just natural thots" on the day if the fallout so india kept her distance until the game fired lo and that's when he made the post I don't give second chances but when I do take adavange and lo followed him back and commented under the pic "😉" cause she wasn't being nice to india she felt like she's taken him away.


whaaaaat lol


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I don't think india should try to get thick she was beautiful the way she was

yes, i really loved how her body was. But don’t get me wrong, she still pahpin’ 

i’ll throw my dollaz for her


Why don't you like India's personality?

I never said i didnt, idk her personally


How did Matika & India become friends again?

thru Tiera. plus they went to school together


In that 2011 picture india looked really skinny

she was. she’s been trying to get thick


Which iPhone do india have?

girrrrl, im #TeamAndroid smh ion know. does anyone else know?


If you was a boy would you date india?

if i liked her personality.


How long ago was these videos?

couple days maybe.

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So basically bitch was lying when she said she was getting into college

lmaooo omg

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Hey girl what's your Instagram ?

India is _indialove
mines is Daddykristina

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What kinda beef did India & lolo have w each other

theshaderoom said the girls didn’t really feel that India should be in Miami bc the trip was for “business” den India told the Game n he got mad & argued wit Lolo. but who knows if it’s the truth tho.

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Do you go to college or you went to college and felt like it wasn't meant for you? I'm just wondering because I constantly feel like it isn't meant for me but in todays society if you don't have a college degree you can't make anything with your life and you're stuck making minimum wage trying to survive. I don't know

I’m still in high school boo but im sure there’s a lot of successful ppl that haven’t went to college. you just can’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do, don’t get lazy. that’s how you end up wit a minimum wage job lol

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These pictures in Miami... India's edges have been looking a little thin & worn out even with the curly hair

her edges are thin but it doesn’t look bad on her face.

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