itsalianaa asked: GIRL I just moved from riverdale -creyz- we coulda went on a doughnut date or something lmfao

Damnnnn, i be craving donuts too smh 😔😞


Anonymous asked: India looks really outta place. Steez and her girls have had a long friendship and click and I'm not saying friendship is about time but it just doesn't seem right maybe it's the age difference she must be upset she can't go to the clubs wit them. I feel like india is been taken advantage of! Just my humble opinion

Lol she can go to clubs, she just can’t drink.

Anonymous asked: Is india dating the game or not cause I'm confused

I’m just as confused as you are honey. all these subhints but i can’t say they do bc they never said it directly

Anonymous asked: That wasn't actually a nike campaign stop

Lmfao anon.

Anonymous asked: Nike is no longer working with India.



Anonymous asked: In the games little group .. Like india looks more of the type to be chill .. Kinda like wolftyla

tru, what do the other ppl look like?