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I know this is a india love blog but can u get a shout out for my tumblr. Thanks ! Much appreciated 😉

Follow this blog guys ^


haircut or whateva

sup neen? dis me. (to anon)
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Owner, do u have a Instagram? If not, what do u look like gurlll??? Umm would u Eva make another blog for someone that comes along and outshines Indy? Cause one day that will eventually happen. She's getting older!

I can reblog a pic bc it’s convenient boo. N yea, if they stand out to me

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What happen to dat football dude (Brandon) she was messin wit? Why she stop talking to him all of sudden!! It's like I saw them have pics together then all of a sudden it stoped

lmfao who knows? I always wondered that


Lol wat if india shows up on that love and hip hop hollywood show because of soulja boy

lol ima be like…image

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Aww India wearing her real hair lol that shit short asf but cute lol y'all happy now

how ya know?


Tierra moved to Florida but I don't think Matikaah was around where India is. Like she moved to a different part on LA away from Corona.

yea probably close to her college.


But when India was hanging out with lo, matika wasn't around because she was in Florida

^ I thought Tiera was the one that moved to Florida but maybe they both did?


Who talks about moms anymore? Elementary school ass shit 😂

right he be on that “yo momma” type shit smh. That’s one thing ion play bout, he don’t know if someone’s mom is dead or sick

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She does need self resepct. The way I look at dont twerk on video. Its cool to do when you just tryna have a good time but filming it? You know people are gonna see it so you basically trying hard to fit in with the crowd. I just find it so repulsive. Then she turns around and complains about her nigga like you honestly think he about to bring you home to his mother and wife you acting the way you act? Its not just her twerking but her whorish ways in general.

A lot of ppl do tho, it’s not just her. There are ppl way younger that do it but den again, i see your point. (not saying she’s a hoe bc idk what she does wit her personal time)

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